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Reproduction & AI Work 

Reproduction & AI WorkAs a registered AI centre we have facilities for the inpatient care of mares receiving both frozen and chilled semen although the majority of breeding work is performed by us at the owner's premises. Our Embryo transfer program has now been up and running for several years and has proved a great success.  Dan Carroll brings his considerable experience to bear in this area using both traditional and cutting edge techniques.

We also provide a dedicated weekend stud rota of experienced vets to provide ongoing management of mares during the breeding season.

Fixed Fee packages for Breeding

We offer fixed price packages for chilled and frozen semen insemination and Embryo transfer. This gives clients looking to breed their mares the option of a 'one-off' fee to cover the costs of routine veterinary work necessary to help get the mare in foal and monitoring the development of the early pregnancy.

Many mares need considerable monitoring and treatment before and after covering and costs can soon mount up – our fixed fees will give you peace of mind and includes all routine costs associated with getting a mare in foal. For further details please speak to Dan Carroll.