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Clinic Facilities 


Cinder Hill Equine Clinic has full hospital facilities to support the wide range of work that is undertaken. It is a purpose built clinic, housing a complete spectrum of modern and advanced equipment.

Easy Access and Parking

The clinic has a large area for parking, loading and turning, with a loading ramp for severely lame, ill or difficult horses.

Operating Theatre

We undertake a wide range of surgical procedures from rig castrations and wind surgery to arthroscopic ("keyhole") joint operations. We have access to a number of consultant surgeons that visit on demand.

Inpatient Care

We have a number of hospital looseboxes for both short and long stay inpatients.

inpatient care

Ultrasound Scans and X-rays

Both hospital based and mobile xray machines and ultrasound scanners are used for the investigation of lameness problems (eg. tendon and joint injuries) and stud work. more details »

Lameness Investigation

We feel it is essential to examine horses on different surfaces ie. Straight trot-ups, lungeing on hard surfaces, under saddle in sand school etc.
more details »

lameness investigation


We have a practice remedial farrier. Shoeing is essential for the treatment and management of foot related lameness. Richard Chard provides an excellent service from the practice for us.

Richard Chard - Farrier


The practice laboratory routinely performs full blood profiles, worm egg counts, examination of swabs and smears and the cell content of samples (eg. Joint fluids).


Our office is open Monday - Friday 0830 - 1730hrs and an answering service operating outside of these hours and at weekends.