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Zone Visit Scheme 

Please find details below of our zone visit system for routine work (eg vaccinations, teeth). A visit fee of just £10.00 + VAT *per client is available on selected days, in 3 specific areas – please see the map below to see when we are in your area. As part of this new scheme, we have also created a visit fee of £10.00 + VAT * for Zone A, for all visits during office hours, Monday to Friday. Our aim is to keep the same 1-2 vets in each outer Zone (B, C and D) each week, to ensure continuity of care with any ongoing cases.


Zone Days

 Zone A  Mondays - Fridays  Zone B  Mondays
 Zone C  Tuesdays  Zone D  Wednesdays

The above map uses Macromedia Flash. If you do not have this software installed on your device, you can view a static copy of this map by clicking here.

How to book a Zone Visit

With the new scheme we will make every effort to give you an approximate time of your choosing, although this cannot be guaranteed.


We require payment at the time of the visit for work booked under this scheme, which will attract no further discount. We will continue to offer a discount for payment on the day for visits booked outside of the zone scheme; at a rate of 5%.

Yard Visits

When we see, examine or treat more than 5 horses on one yard on any visit the visit charged will be waived.

* excluding VAT